Why Choose Us

With each passing day, the need of obtaining an intelligent surveillance system is increasing each day. According to regular research conducted by several agencies and the data provided by multiple government departments, it is becoming evident that to have your surroundings equipped with video surveillance equipment is the least you can do to attain the safety you need in your personal and professional life. The multiple video surveillance equipment like the classic CCTV bullet camera which guards your offices and the watchful eyes of the Outdoor – Dome Cameras / Surveillance Cameras have been successful in bringing the crime rates down in multiple locations, not only across the country but the entire world.

WicamFi brings to you, not only the brilliance of these devices but the efficiency of its many products, which have been happily accepted as a part of families across many states today.

Having the eyes of these mighty warriors keeping watch has provided safety and given more than just a sigh of relief to the millions who let them guard their doors each night.

Just as slowly advancing technology embedded itself in our lives in several domains, it has evolved enough to do the same in the area of security too; moving from a time when you needed a mighty computer to hold the multiple Gigabytes of recorded data, to bring into our lives 4 channel CCTV DVR, 8 channel DVR and 16 channel DVR devices which are capable enough to both compress the heavy amounts of data they collect and let you have access to them via a simple smartphone you own.

The thought of having them installed however seems too intense doesn’t it? Since the installation of a simple AHD CCTV Bullet camera requires such a humongous effort.

You can let that fear take the back seat as we take pride in owning extremely powerful yet easily installable cameras.

We do, however, trust our devices and believe in their brilliant quality that is unmatchable. This is the reason why we give our seal of approval and a warranty of 2 years to all our products. The warranty covers any and all manufacturing defects or issues.

We believe and take immense pride in the devices which have been standing guard now across multiple demographic locations, protecting families and businesses and wish to welcome you to be a part of a product which shall be making history sooner or later.