Your Security...Our Priority

At WicamFi we understand the value of your loved ones and belongings and to keep them secured from unwanted threats, we have invented a new range of cameras. These bullet and dome cameras are designed with both portability AHD and IP surveillance techniques. Our IP surveillance cameras provide you the flexibility to keep a track on your small kids while you are working or out of the home. These cameras are sleek and low in maintenance. Both AHD and IP cameras are loaded with world-class safety features. Get these cameras for domestic surveillance requirement and stay tension free.

If you want to keep an eye on your maid or servant while you are working or travelling, WicamFi IP cameras are the best choice for you. Meanwhile, our AHD cameras are best for your overall security needs. IP cameras are accessible from anywhere with wi-fi connectivity. Some of the cameras (PTZ) are lass with motion sensors and night vision, which are very useful when you are away and want to keep track of your valuable assets. Our home solution cameras are designed in such a way to provide you best home security solutions at low cost. As all our cameras are covered with 3-year warranty, so you can sit back relax and save money as well.

We have a range of dome and bullet cameras to give best security coverage any retail store. Whether it is a big mall or small shop we have customized solutions for our every customer. With a variety of cameras, we can serve our every customer with different needs. As our cameras are giving coverage till 20-40 Mtr. which can cover your entire place and will give you complete surveillance while you will be busy selling your stuff.

In retail and shops, it is very important to keep track on inventory and billing of the products. Here threat of stealing products is very high and leads to losses. WicamFi provides a wide range of surveillance solutions for all points in your retail store or shop. With our security solutions, you can track inventory, billing counter and check out points..

Real-time Monitoring – With WicamFi cameras, you can monitor or view from various different platforms such as PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. Our cameras can be monitored and view from one single location. You can keep a track on a day to day activity.

To provide best security and safety solutions WicamFi introduces the ultra HD IP surveillance cameras. All these cameras are equipped with motion detection and people counting analytics. These HD IP cameras are very useful for restricting accessibility in private areas of hospitals. With Our surveillance solutions, the behaviour of staff and visitor can be monitored and day to day operations can be measured very well. n hospitals keeping track of the visitor is very important and with WicamFi you can track every visitor. All HD cameras are designed to cover 20-30 Mtr. Of range which covers entire reception area of any hospital and other places. Get safe environment and detection of potential offenders. With WicamFi Surveillance keep supervision on all activities to avoid any unwanted event inside or outside the premises.

Safety & Security – Our cameras can be installed throughout a hospital to prevent crime, medical insurance claims, and break-ins.  You can monitor the patients or unauthorized visitors in restricted areas.

Employee Monitoring – Our CCTV cameras help to improve employee communication between departments or buildings, therefore heightening productivity.

Today every school and college wants to secure its premises to avoid any undesirable activity within the campus. This is a responsibility and pressure now to strengthen the campus security. Increasing accidents and incidents of crimes violating the innocence of kids, it has raised many doubts in our minds as a parent. The need of today is to ensure our children are safe and feel safe inside the school premises. To ensure that safety and security we need vigilance and monitoring of every aspect. So, how can we ensure the safety of children? The correct answer is CCTV Surveillance Systems. WicamFi Surveillance is the best security guard for school premises as it never gets tired or loses its focus.
  • We provide high-resolution IP cameras for teacher and student behaviour monitoring.
  • We provide bi-directional microphone support to assure parents for their children’s safety, parents can keep a track with cloud accessibility.
  • It helps us to monitor and identify any intruders or offenders
  • It allows and gives flexibility for an effective access control so that only authorized persons can access the school area.