WicamFi brings you an exclusive range of surveillance products for all your domestic and commercial security needs. Our cost-effective yet superior product range of AHD and IP cameras is sure to satisfy your needs of an impressive surveillance system. Video security and recording, NVR and DVR systems are also manufactured by us.


Easy to Install

Our products are specifically crafted to be installed with the minimum fuss. Having them installed is no more difficult than wearing a new pair of spectacles which is a befitting metaphor for our avant-garde and powerful product range. We let our product’s simplicity speak for itself.

Set-Up Guidance

The setup of our devices will be overlooked with our guidance and with the instructional guide that comes with all our products. Install them with the least possible effort and yet, find them functioning better than you can imagine. Leave behind the stress of installation.

24/7 Tech Support

We are committed to provide you world-class technical support across any and all times. Our team of certified professionals and engineers, who have been trained to provide nothing but the best are both dedicated and skillful enough to resolve all your inconveniences.

Product Warranty

Our customers are more than important to us. We have made sure all the products we provide you go through several quality checks so you can trust them with all your heart. Our every product comes with a two-year warranty that covers all the manufacturing defects or issues.

Why Should You Choose Wicamfi?

With each passing day, the need of obtaining an intelligent surveillance system is increasing each day. According to regular research conducted by several agencies and the data provided by multiple government departments, it is becoming evident that to have your surroundings equipped with video surveillance equipment is the least you can do to attain the safety you need in your personal and professional life. The multiple video surveillance equipment like the classic CCTV bullet camera which guards your offices and the watchful eyes of the Outdoor – Dome Cameras / Surveillance Cameras have been successful in bringing the crime rates down in multiple locations, not only across the country but the entire world.